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The Internationale Kurzhaar-Prüfung 2009 for Deutsch-Kurzhaar, GSP, German Shorthaired Pointer

Date Added: September 21, 2009 01:43:02 PM
Author: Kurzhaar-Directory
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The Internationale Kurzhaar-Prüfung ( IKP ) 2009 for Deutsch-Kurzhaar, GSP, German Shorthaired Pointer 

The 24th edition of the prestigious international examination for Deutsch Kurzhaar - Internationale Kurzhaar-Prüfung ( IKP ) - will take place in Viol, north of Germany between the 15th-19th of October 2009.
There are 150 dogs entered, coming from Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, USA and Cyprus. 

The Zuchtschau will take place in the first day, dogs obtaining a conformation qualification, in the end being placed the best 5 males and best 5 females. 
Only the dogs that obtain minimum a Very Good (Sehr Gut) rating can participate in the working examination. 

The next 2 days dogs will be examined during the field and water work. In the field the dogs can be examined a few times, each time for 15 minutes, until the judges can form an opinion about the dogs training level and also about their native hunting abilities. 
During the water work the judges are evaluating the search of a live duck released on the water and also the retrieving from water. 

The Gala dinner takes place in the evening of the 3rd day. Here the prizes are handed to the dog handlers. 
Of course everybody is engaged in discussions about dogs and examinations, as this is a great opportunity for the lovers of the Deutsch Kurzhaars to meet each others. 
In the last day of the event the Schausuche takes place. 
This is a field contest for some of the dogs who passed the IKP with maximum points and that were chosen by the judges to participate in the Schausuche. 
They run into couples and in the end the best dogs are the winners. 

For the Deutsch Kurzhaar this is one of the most important examination and it takes place every two years.


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