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Zuchtbuch Kurzhaar - The breeding book

Date Added: July 24, 2009 11:45:09 AM
Author: Kurzhaar-Directory
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Zuchtbuch Kurzhaar - The breeding book

The Deutsch Kurzhaar club is editing and publishing yearly the Zuchtbuch
which could be approximately translated as "The breeding book". For example, the 2008 volume has 321 pages and a few more annexes, and is volume number 112.
The printing is of high quality, the book has cloth hard covers and is sold wrapped in a transparent plastic foil. 
The Zuchtbuch is a veritable tool for the breeders, as it contains a few important chapters like:

 - information about the German Clubs and also about the international members of the Deutsch Kurzhaar Verband 
- the list of abbreviations used by the club
 - the number of puppies born during that year and also statistics regarding the gender, color, names, registration number, etc 
- number of litters for each stud dog 
- many statistics regarding the litters, results of the descendants of each stud dog, foreign dogs registered into the system, regulations, etc 
- hd results 
- presentation of each Kurzhaar Sieger or IKP winner (photo, pedigree and other information), depending if it was a Kleemann or a IKP year.
The Hammerers - Michael and Christine - are in charge of the entire work that is necessary to keep and update this useful book for the Deutsch Kurzhaar lovers.


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