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IKP 2009 – Viol Results

Date Added: November 06, 2009 07:04:35 AM
Author: Kurzhaar - Directory
Category: Clubs

IKP 2009 – Viol Results 

At this IKP edition there were 150 entered dogs, from which 136 dogs were present. From these dogs, 68 obtained a first prize and 33 dogs obtained a second prize. 
There were 48 males (70%) and 53 females (78%) that passed the test. At the Zuchtschau 78 dogs got an Excellent qualification and 58 got a Very Good qualification. 

Below is the list of the first 5 placed males and females. 

Males: Jago vom Theelshof, Yanosch vom Osterberg, Plato vom Niemen, Arko vom Markatal, Mirko vom Kukelorum 

Females: Diestel vom Hinschen-Hof, Suse vom Amtmannsloch, Fara vom Falkenfeld, Wallie vom Osterberg, Desire II vom Otterbach 

Despite the unfavourable conditions of this event – big waves in the water work and testing without a live duck – this edition was a success and its goal was achieved.


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