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Pottmes Kennel

Date Added: July 20, 2009 01:52:23 PM
Author: Kuzhaar-Directory
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Pottmes Kennel

Pottmes kennel was founded in 1903 by Mr. Meyerheim, a pharmacist from the little town named Pottmes, in Oberbayern. 
Pottmes is the oldest active German kennel. Meyerheim founded the kennel when he was 24 years old, with the foundation bitch Herta Pottmes, a daughter of Rino II Deutenkofen 632H and Herta v. Stein 138K. Meyerheim was using intensive inbreeding in his program, with great results, even if this method of breeding and selection was criticized at times. 

In 1953, after the death of Mr. Meyerheim, his son-in-law continued his work, but only until 1968 when he died prematurely and the kennel's destiny came into the hands of his wife Mrs. Franzi Heinen (presently she is 90 years old).
In 1970 Pottmes obtained its first KS title with a black and white dog - Quell Pottmes - actually the first black and white KS dog ever. 
Since then, one of the "brands" of this famous kennel are the black and white dogs, very beautiful and elegant, appreciated worldwide, with remarkable qualities for hunting and always placed in the "creme de la creme" of the working exams in Germany.

Not long ago, at the 2008 Kleemann Prufung, Nadja KS Pottmes was the second best bitch, gaining 3 4h marks and the prestigious KS title. Nowadays, due to the old age of Mrs Franzi Heinen, the kennel is being lead by the Boxan's - Christel and Gerhard - who are continuing the work of Walter Boxan, Gerhard's father, who used to train and lead the Pottmes dogs in working tests.


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