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Deutsch Kurzhaar Breeders

Date Added: July 18, 2009 04:07:05 AM
Author: Kurzhaar-Directory
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Deutsch Kurzhaar Breeders 

The best method of selecting the Deutsch Kurzhaar (German Shorthaired Pointer, GSPs) as a hunting dog breed and helping the breed develop from the quality and quantity point of view is breeding dogs in kennels. 
The kennels method, especially the small ones, is giving the best results from the quality point of view, as a small number of produced dogs is much easier to observe.

The detailed observations of the qualities and faults are giving the possibility of a better choosing of the breeding dogs. 
The selection can be made more precisely and the produced dogs are becoming more and more performant from the hunting qualities point of view.
Many kennels are using the motherline selection method, which is more difficult but has better results in time. The main selection “tool” are the working tests – without them the dogs are not breedable. 

Therefore, the trainers can notice and evaluate each dog they are working with, even from the training period. In the small kennels the dogs are trained and lead in the working tests by the breeders, so in the long run the breeders must select the dogs with veritable qualities. 
The breeders that are using professional trainers may not make a good appreciation of the dogs they are breeding, because they don’t know the qualities and faults of the dogs since they are not the ones to work with them. 

As a conclusion we can say that the small kennels breeding method is a much more responsible breeding and selection method.


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